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Words Unspoken
A Final Talk With God

By:  Chris Martin

Evil was the dictator, why
wasn't God here to help?
As the flesh was beaten into welps.
Maybe because no one cared.
Is this a world or the Devil's Lair?
Prayers are unanswered
Is there anyone there?
As I ask for help
through a prayer.
Is this a world or the Devil's Lair?
Cutting of the veins or
a bullet through the brain
is the only way to relieve my pain.
Only if I must Dare!
Is this a world of the Devil's Lair?
Well God here I come, Please
stop me if I'm being dumb.
For my body will soon be cold and numb.
Because now it doesn't matter,
If this is a world or the Devil's Lair.
For I will soon be there.

Copyright 2003