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Words Unspoken
A Chance at Life

By:  Chris Martin

Life and love are wicked virtues of one's soul
It seems so bitter sweet, while hiding the truth,
But when all is unhid, your dignity is stole
You have one chance, to do what you have to
My Lord, My Lord I'm in this chair
I see her in the room at a glance
Only to run to her and find I'm holding air
Leaving my heart deceived, give me one more chance
Finding out about the new life
That would be a part of us all
I ruined a life, to have a life
One choice and this I would have never saw
Choices are made and decisions are decided
Was it a sin or will my new life begin
If so, Why am I not excited
I seem too young to have committed these sins
Post Note:  I know you see me as I write this poem to you.  So please forgive me for all you watched me do.  For I know you will understand.  I wish I could talk to you once again and do it different, but I only got one chance.

Copyright 2003