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Words Unspoken

Poetry By: Chris Martin

Social Grace
The outward bound limits of the heart
are bent from outside forces.
Pollution of the mind takes part
from blows of unknown sources.
Social Grace is but all and not found
of the deteriation from beyond the natural.
The public servant which does not make a sound
as all of life's climaxes fade and dull.
Hearts turn black not from degenerate fools,
but from uninvited sin from one's who soul dies.
Suffering that one can not bear takes the rule.
Let all revelations take their toll
for all things must begin.
The wise will endure purification of the soul.
So that in the finale the torment will end.
Dedicated To:  AAJ


Moving so fast
I knew not what it was
Unknown by name
It was my life!

Copyright 2003