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Words Unspoken
No More Chances

By:  Chris Martin

Death, Evil, and Hate
has left my heart feeling raped.
There are no more uses for me on Earth.
So its time to be put below the dirt.
I search for the light,
begging Lord make it right.
But darkness keeps all unlit
as I fall through the eternal pit.
As I endlessly fall
I start to realize it all.
That I am a sinning man
and must be damned.
So I say one last prayer,
before reaching the Devil's Lair.
Lord forgive me, he responds
it still must be.
Lord I'm in too deep,
I ask "can I take a peep?"
Of a world unknown
where you rule the throne.
I cannot see.
I question myself , "What can this be?"
Then there is a faint smell.
As I realize its my flesh burning in Hell.

Copyright 2003