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Words Unspoken

By:  Chris Martin

Look at the spinning wall
or the quavering ball
of my life coming down
as people gossip around the town.
"Confusion or Illusion?", I ask myself
Nature is spurning in
suddenly I find myself in a bend.
Thinking to myself, Is this the end?
"Confusion or Illusion?", I ask once again.
Problems will  relinquish they say
and you go on to experience grace,
but it seems they always stay.
Only I wish I cold find this place.
People bellow and people scream.
Why does this world have to be so mean.
"Confusion or Illusion?", maybe a dream.
The wicked games the heart can play
take the lives of people every day.
Pains that one's soul must conceal.
"Confusion of Illusion?", it could be real.
People go on to live a better life,
but the ones left behnd bear the strife.
"Confusion or Illusion?", No this is the end,
No one has ever or will have the chance to car about me again.

Copyright 2003