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Words Unspoken
Dead Failure

By:  Chris Martin

Vass amounts of words
the center of ignorance
which is left unheard
Change is the enemy
I go out with other friends,
but feel all so alone,
Why can't it end?
As in the dark I wanderlessly roam
There's a need for you
long after we're done.
Asking the question "Who?"
I see a barrier, so I turn and run.
During the independent act
I feel nothing but the emptiness
The limbs are getting slack
Now as I release the stress
Mysteries start to unravel
for companionship is what I need
As our bodies rub on the carpeted gravel
I'm satisfied for the grateful deed.
Headlights in the window
Pass the house
and down the road
Removal of the blouse
Noises are al that break the silence
being afraid of the darkness
and the thought of being unfed
One makes up for another's slackness
One tries to get another one up
by doing unselfish acts
The problem is so corrupt
When I'm up; I'll be back

Copyright 2003